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Once you start selling on Amazon it is highly recommended that you have an LLC.  Having an LLC may save you money by reducing your taxes. $47 ***USA ONLY***

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Now is the time for you to LEARN to EARN the LIFE you DREAM!

Due to the nature that our courses are all digital and the information can't be unseen. We have a NO REFUNDS POLICY.

What you'll get:

  • Learn How to Find Products in DOLLAR TREE 
  • Learn the Top 5 Amazon Policies 
  • Learn How to Calculate the Profit
  • Learn How to Shop
  • Learn How to Print FBM Orders
  • Learn How to Upgrade & Downgrade your Account
  • Learn How to List Products Selling Already on Amazon
  • Learn How to Calculate Profit
  • Learn How to Sell 7 Brands in the Dollar Tree
  • Learn the Feature Offer Price/Buy Box Price
  • Learn How to Setup your Shipping Template
  • Learn Where to Gather FREE Supplies
  • Learn How Amazon Deposits your Money

There's no other Amazon Course that offers this many features for $597!


What People Are Saying:

Your store is truly made of what you put into it. The information provided by the leads has been priceless! I can sell as much or as little as I want. This has been a great addition to my income. Planning to go harder this fourth quarter.


I always wanted to start an Amazon store but the timing wasn’t right and I didn’t understand. Being a part of the Boss Class made it easier to get started and we are given a blueprint to follow. I love having access to a team that is there to guide us. I’m excited everyday watching the store grow and I look forward to learning new tools to get to $10000 a month !!


Being a single mother of 4 and grandmother of 2 from very humble beginnings I finally found the thing that I wanted to do and leave a legacy for my kids and grandkids. I initially joined self-paced and quickly realized my biggest fear of not remembering the info from one moment to the next. Having had multiple surgeries due to brain tumors and getting approximately 32 needles in my skull every four weeks along with daily medications, my cognitive abilities and memory has deteriorated tremendously. With the training and teaching I received from the Bosses and my desire to attend every class even on days of my treatment, I knew I had found my dream job. Once I hit a year I refused to stop and have continued as a student as I can’t imagine missing out on continuing to learn from the Boss Team. It takes work and dedication but I refuse to stop working towards what the Bosses assured me was something wonderful and this course definitely lives up to their word. I’m so happy I chose the Boss Amazon Class. It has changed my life.


My journey with Amazon / Boss class has been extremely exciting; however, I wish I didn't jump into the pond without preserving my life prior to fully understanding the purchasing process for Amazon. Meaning I assumed that because I loved to shop that I understood how buyers thought...this is 'FALSE"! The Boss Class gave me insight that I lacked (oh how I lacked key knowledge) on being wise about purchases and learning how to think outside of myself to make better informed purchases. My Amazon ride is sometimes slow, and other times fast paced (especially during 4th quarter), but seeing that I have been truly now selling 1-year I need to be prepared for constant rule changes with Amazon...that can tend to be somewhat of a bumpy ride!


It’s been life changing and has given my family new found freedom and bought us closer as a family unit.


I was skeptical at first and when I got my first sale I felt amazing, finally a real course that can certainly help you change the reality and the course of my life. I have been able to spend more time with my little girl as when I dropped her off at school I went shopping and I am able to pick her up and study with her. So I am able to work around her schedule. I feel more productive.